Circuit Court Adjourned – Every Criminal Tried Was Convincted

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a. n.a. n.a.
Publisher: The Weekly Advertiser
Place of publication: Montgomery, Alabama
Date of publication: Nov 17, 1899 12:00 am
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CENTERVILLE. Circuit Court Adjourned-Every Criminal Tried Was Convicted. Centerville, Nov. 14.- -(Special.)-After a term of two weeks and two days, the circuit court adjourned this afternoon, having disposed of a considerable amount of business, especially of criminal cases. No great number of civil cases were tried, but several were disposed of. The Howison-Oakley case, which has been on the docket for years, and which has been in the supreme court once already, was begun, but failed of trial, as the court made rulings that were adverse to the Oakley parties, and the cause will go to the supreme court again on the pleadings this time. The Greely Barnham Grocery Company VS. Cottingham, which has been on the docket for years and which has also been in the supreme court already, was also tried again this time, and was decided adversely to Mr. Cottingham, and is also again appealed to the supreme court. There will also likely be appeals in some smaller cause. The criminal docket was nearly cleared. Every criminal tried was convicted. Six were sentenced to the penitentiary; all negroes. One, Taylor Collins was sent up for twelve years for murder; two were sentenced to five years each for shooting into a railroad train; one for perjury, and one for grand larceny. Only one criminal case will be appealed.