Columbus Davis Shot and Killed

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Birmingham age-herald
Place of publication: Birmingham, AL
Date of publication: 10/21/1907 0:00
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COLUMBUS DAVIS SHOT AND KILLED Negro Offers Insult to White Women and Children HINTON IS VINDICATED Revival Begins at Tuscaloosa Metho- dist hurch-Services To Be Conducted By Blind Layman From Tennessee. Tuscaloosa, October 20.-(Special.)- As a result of having too much whisky a negro, Columbus Davis, was shot and killed here last night. The negro, it seems, went to the residence of Si Hinton, a section foreman on the Alabama Great Southern railroad, and created quite a disturbance, threatening and cursing Mrs. Hinton and her children. Mr. Hinton was not at nome at the time. Some of the friends of the negro took him home, however, and thought he was quieted down. He got away later and returned and was again making trouble, when Mr. Hinton came home. When the latter arrived. it seems that the negro tried to get his gun, and when he made the attempt Mr. Hinton fired on him. The shot took effect and the negro died soon afterwards. A coroner’s inquest was held and a verdict given of justifiable killing.