Cops Lynch Prisoner, Drag Body Through City

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Chicago Defender
Place of publication: Chicago, Illinois
Date of publication: 1933-09-30


Drag Body Through City

Tuscaloosa, Ala., Sept. 29—

With the aid of police, a mob of white men, women, and children lynched Dennis Cross, a young farmer here, Sunday afternoon. His body, riddled with bullets, was paraded through principal streets before hundreds returning home from church services.

Cross, accused of an attack on a white woman, had been placed in jail “for safe keeping.” An investigation disclosed that the man who actually made the attack was white and was well known in political circles.

Police Angered

As a result of the investigation Cross was allowed to go home after making a $5 bail. It is believed that his release angered the three arresting officers, who were among those to enter Cross’ home Sunday and spirit him away, returning later with his bullet-riddled body tied to the rear of an automobile.

Sheriff Shamblin began a feeble inquiry into the lynching, but as is always the case, declared that Cross had met death at the hands of “unknown parties.”

While it is a known fact that some of the members of the mob were police officials, no effort is being made to even find out who they are.

Sheriff Shamblin said that he regretted the occurrence, declaring that the offense with which Cross was charged was a bailable one and that the woman had not been attacked. Lynchings here have become so common within the past few months that in some case records of them have not been made.