Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Selma Times and Messenger
Place of publication: Selma, Alabama
Date of publication: May 5, 1868 11:50 pm
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Cross- Examination Hollingsworth did not cut anybody; didn’t know how Hollingsworth broke his knife; say Hollingsworth with the knife in his hand during the fight; didn’t say Hollingsworth had the negro down; did say the negro had Hollingsworth down; after he was cut, Eddins walked fifteen or twenty steps before he fell; Hollingsworth struck Eddins with a brick-bat or rock just before the latter fell; wit- ness didn’t see it, and-didn’t see Hollingsworth throw at Eddlins; say a brick bat or rock lying near Eddins; couldn’t say whether the knife Randolph had was a knife with a fixed handle or not; was not near enough to (see; supposed it had a fixed handle. Re-direct Examination–It was Eds dins who had Hollingsworth on the ground; wasn’t positive about this; didn’t know how near Hollingsworth was to Eddins when Randolph fired; didn’t see until after Randolph had fired; next faw Hollingsworth after Eddins was do own; Hollingsworth was then 25 or 30 stops from where Eddins fell; Randolph was about 15 or 20: steps from Eddin’s when the latter fell. Cross-Examined.-Wasn’t as positive that Eddins is the negro that had Hollingsworth down as hw was that Eddins is the negro stabbed in the fight; didn’t see Randolph when Eddins fell; when first saw Randolph after the negro was down he was in this middle of the street; in front of Foster’s harness shop; it was three or four minutes after the negro fell that witness saw Randolph; there was a good big crowd about when Eddins fell; the corner where the negro fell is called Foster’s corner; the shoe shop is on the is corner; the harness shop is next to the shoe shop.