Crowd Mills at Door of Jail, Seeking Negro

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Johnson City Chronicle
Place of publication: Johnson City, Tennessee
Date of publication: 7/21/1934 0:00
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Alleged Attacker of Alabama Co-ed is Closely Guarded Against Lynch. Tuscaloosa, Ala., July 20.. (LP)- A crowd of 150 orderly, silent men gathered around the country jail here tonight jail here tonight when a negro accused of attempting to attack a young white girl was imprisoned. There were no outspoken threats of violence. At one time there was a general movement of the crowd toward the front door of the jail. The men obeyed orders of deputies to move back. The middle-aged negro, James Banks, was captured late today by two men of a posse of 200 seeking him three hours after the attempted assault. He was cornered in a hut a mile from the scene of the crime. Officers said the negro confessed. Mary Tate Kicker, 20-year-old university of Alabama co-ed who outran the negro after he had knocked her down. Identified Banks as her assailant. Authorities took precautions to guard the negro’s life although there were no open violence threats. The crows about the jail had doubled in three hours. It was recalled that less than a year ago- on last August 13- Dan Pippen, Jr, and A.T. Harden, negroes accused of assaulting and slaying a white girl near here shot to death by a mob that took them from officers escorting them to Birmingham for safekeeping.