Crowd of Men Break into Mobile Jail

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The South Alabamian
Place of publication: Jackson, AL
Date of publication: 9/1/1906

Crowd of Men Break Into Mobile Jail. Determined on lynching Willie Thompson, a confessed rapist of white children, an angry mob numbering over a thousand attacked the Mobile jail ‘Wednes day night. They succeeded ml entering the jail, but the prisoner had already been spirited away to a place of safety. He was sent to Birmingham by the early morJng train ; that passes through Jackson at 7:42. : Again on ‘ Thursday night aroused -by inflammatory speeches, a mob surrounded the jail and sought entrance. The mob was met by a force of soldiers armed and instructed to shoot to kill. After a search of the jail and other places where the mob imagined the negro was located, the crowd dispersed When’it became generally known that the negro was in Birmingham quiet was restored.


“Crowd of Men Break into Mobile Jail.” The South Alabamian (Jackson, AL), September 01, 1906.