Dastard Murder of Peace Officer

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Starkville News
Place of publication: Starkville Mississippi
Date of publication: 1916-07-07

Ed Upton fatally wounded by negro desperado. A murder of wanton character occurred in the Oktoc community last Saturday night when a peace officer of the district, Mr.Ed Upton, was foully murdered in the discharge of his official duty. From what could be gleaned in reference to the tragedy, it seems that a negro named Sam Meek had been charged by Mr.Bledsoe with cruelty to animals. A warrant was sworn out for the negro’s arrest. Early in the day Meek was in Crawford and the Marshall of that town was requested to arrest him, but for some reason failed to do so. About six o’clock in the evening bailiff Upton was handed the warrant and told to arrest the negro who in the meantime had returned home. Taking with him a Mr.Bledsoe both went to the negro’s house. Mr.Upton entered and at once placed Meek under arrest. Handing his pistol to Mr.Bledsoe he told him to keep the negro covered while he searched him. Suddenly the negro grasped the officer and circling an arm around his neck, drew him in and while he held him tight, drew an automatic pistol from his bosom and shot him twice through the bowels inflicting mortal wounds, death ensuing in short time. Blanched with near Bledose threw down the weapon and fled, the assassin also making his escape, leaving the wounded officer writhing in blood. Mr.Upton was a young man of splendid character, fearless in the discharge of his duty and is survived by a mother and father.


1916-07-07, The Starkville News, Dastard Murder of Peace Officer, VOL. XV., NO. 10, pp.1