Drunken Negroe Shot By Section Foreman

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Birmingham News
Place of publication: Birmingham, AL
Date of publication: 10/21/1907 0:00
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DRUNKEN NEGRO SHOT BY SECTION FOREMAN INSISTED ON RAISING SUCH A RUMPUS THAT WHITE MAN WAS FORCED TO INTERFERE. ACTION TAKEN IN SELF DEFENSE. Special to The Birmingham News. TUSKALOOSA, Ala., Oct. 21. Columbus Davis, a negro employed as a section hand on the Alabama Great Southern railroad, was killed Saturday night about 7 o’clock as a result of a drunken spree. It is said by several who were present at the time that the negro Davis went to the residence of the section foreman, Mr. S. D. Hinton, where the negro’s wife cooked and went into the kitchen and because his wife would not give him just what he wanted to eat he began throwing things around and also threw flour all over the floor. He was taken out by another negro and carried to his home near by, but he came back again and this time Mr. Hinton was at home. When the negro saw Mr. Hinton he tried to pull a gun but Mr. Hinton was too quick for him and shot him through his head killing him almost instantly. Sheriff Edward Latham and Coroner H. Fair went to the scene of the killing, and after the coroner’s inquest was held it was decided that the killing was justifiable.