Ed Upton Killed By Negro

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Macon Beacon
Place of publication: Macon, Mississippi
Date of publication: 1916-07-07

Starkville, Miss, July 3. A Tragedy in which an officer in the discharge of his duty was fatally murdered, occurred last night in the Octoe vicinity some twelve miles from here. It appears that a negro named Sam Meekin was wanted on the charge of cruelty to animals, the warrant being sworn out by a man named Bledsoe, whose brother, Dr.Bledose, resided in Lowndes county. The paper was first given to the marshal of Crawford to serve, the negro being there at the time. For some reasons unknown the arrest was not made.

Late in the evening Bailiff Ed Upton of Beat 5 received the warrant and taken Mr.Bledsoe with him went to the house of the negro for the purpose of putting him under arrest. Both entered the house and Upton seized the negro and instructed Bledsoe to cover him with a pistol while he searched him. Suddenly Meekin grabbed Upton and placing his arm around his neck drew him close and with an automatic revolver shot him twice through the bowels and another shot glanced his nose. Bledsoe became unnerved and it is said fled from the house. What became of the latter’s weapon is a mystery. Upton died in a short time. Sheriff James was notified and immediately went to the scene and instituted a search but without any success. Parties say that Meekin passed through Crawford in a buggy with his brother and wife, well armed. The officers of the adjoining counties have been notified. He is a yellow negro, minus several front teeth, and has a slight impediment in his speech. Upton was a single man about twenty-four years old and was a son of Mr. A. J. Upton a former citizen of Noxubee county, and great sympathy is felt here for his father and mother.


July 7, 1916; The Macon Beacon, Ed Upton Killed By Negro, VOL. XLIX No.32. pp.2