Five Ku Kluxers in Trouble

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Geneva County Reaper
Place of publication: Geneva, Alabama
Date of publication: September 7, 1928
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Five white men are now facing indictments in Blount county charging them with murder in the first degree, in connection with the slaying of Lillie Cobb, negro woman, who was shot and killed when men wearing the robes and regalia of the Ku Klux Klan, entered her home on the night oi Sunday, April zo, Those under indictment are Edgar Moses, John Wade, Byron Hurst Enoch Evans and Joe Harris. Moses was indicted in 1926. Indictment by the Blount County grand jury of Wade, Hurst, Evans and Harris, was reported to the attorney general’s office yesterday morning from Oneonta. All four men have been arrested and lodged in the county jail, it was stated, Moses, the first man to be indicted, will go on trial at Oneonta next Wednesday. Trails of the other have not yet been set The killing of Lillie Cobb was one of a number of outrages committed by bands of masked and robed men during the epidemic of floggings’ which swept Alabama some months ago. On the night the tragedy oc cured a number of persons in the robes and regalia of the Ku Klux Klan ‘went to the home of Emory Cobb, negro, and surrounded it Some of them entered the house and when they did so, Cobb fired a shot at the intruders. One of the robed trespassers was wounded. The robed persons outside the dwelling house then began firing, and a bullet from the weapon of one of them, passing through the window of the home, struck Lillie Cobb, mortally wounding her. Some time after this Moses was indicted by the Blount County grand jury for the murder of the woman, Moses was never tried. The attorney general’s department has never allowed investigation of the case to lag, however, with the result that the Blount grand jury before which new evidence was presented yesterday, indicted four more men in connection with the murder. After the death of his wife, Emory Cobb fled, and continued efforts of the state to locate him last fall, were fruitless. It appears however, that more recent efforts along the same lines have met with success, as it is understood that Cobb will be on hand to testify against Moses, when Moses goes to trial Wednesday.


“Five Ku Kluxers in Trouble,” The Geneva County Reaper (Geneva, Alabama) Sep. 7, 1928.