Found Dead On Street

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Vicksburg Herald
Place of publication: Vicksburg, MS
Date of publication: 12/26/1906

Mobile, Ala., Dec. 25. – John McKenzie, a master plumber of this city, was found murdered on a principal street here at an early hour this morning and there is no clue to the perpetrator of the tragedy, although the entire police force and deputy sheriffs are scouring the city. McKenzie’s throat was cut from ear to ear, the head being almost severed from the body. The discovery was made by people who were on their way to attend the early services at the Catholic churches. An old knife with blood on it was found on the sidewalk near the body.


“Found Dead On Street.” The Vicksburg Herald (Vicksburg, MS), December 26, 1906.