Geo. Fuller Pulls Hemp: Bound Over by the Justice Court for Burning Barn and Taken from Officers and Hanged

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Marion Standard
Place of publication: Marion, Alabama
Date of publication: Jan 3, 1901

Geo. Fuller a negro was lynched last Thursday night on the bank of the Cahaba River. Wednesday night the barn of Mr. Dennis Cummings of Oak Grove was burned. Several hundred bushels of corn, a large, amount of forage, seven mules and several fattening hogs were consumed. Estimated loss $2,500. Geo. Fuller had been a tenant Mr. Cumings for the past two years-He bore a bad reputation and! had more than once been a convict. Trouble occurred from a settlement-Fuller made threats. He was arrested on the morning following the fire and was tried before Justice Freeman Suttles and John Suther. The evidence divulged that Fuller was tracked to and from his home to the barn. The evidence was conclusive that he was the incendiary and his bond was fixed at $400 to await the action of the grand jury. Fuller was placed in the custody of Constable C.C Watters who, with a deputy, started with the prisoner to the jail at Marion. They were met at the foot of the bridge spanning the Cahaba River at what is known as Fike’s Ferry. Several shots were fired and the constable and deputy were told to retreat. The posse took charge of the prisoner. Constable Watters notified Sheriff Whitman, who, In company with several deputies, went to the scene and brought the body of Fuller to this city. It was found hanging to a tree near the bridge, the cl0thing, and body evidencing that the man had also been shot. This is the first lynching in the history of the county. No excitement. No inquest was held. Perry having no coroner, and the officials after investigation deemed it unnecessary. The body was turned over to the family Saturday morning, but was not buried until Monday.