George Troop Bledsoe: Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929

Source Type: Other
Publisher: American Medical Association
Place of publication: Chicago, IL
Date of publication: 1993

Name: George Troop Bledsoe

Birth Date: 1879

Death Date: Dec 1928

Death Place: Memphis, TN

Type Practice: Allopath

Practice Specialties: Crawford, MS, Oct 6, 1915, Dubbs, MS, Aug 28, 1917

Licenses: MS, 1908

Practice Dates Places: Crawford, MS, Oct 6, 1915, Dubbs, MS, Aug 28, 1917

Medical School: University of the South Medical Department, Sewanee

JAMA Citation: 92:332

Cause of Death: pneumonia



Hafner, Arthur Wayne. 1993. “Directory of deceased American physicians, 1804-1929 : a genealogical guide to over 149,000 medical practitioners providing brief biographical sketches drawn from the American Medical Association’s Deceased physician masterfile.” Chicago, IL: American Medical Association.