Guards Called To Save Negro

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Greenwood Commonwealth
Place of publication: Greenwood, Mississippi
Date of publication: 8/15/1933 0:00
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Alabama Soldiers Protect Wounded Negro After Two Are Lynched. A TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) While National Guardsmen patrolled the court house block behind barbed wire barricades, the Tuscaloosa county grand jury was convened in special session today to investigate the lynching of two negroes and the wounding of a third. all of whom were under o indictment on a charge of killing a white woman. The troops were placed on duty early today and the area blocked off after the wounded negro, Elmore Clark, 28, was found near the scene of the lynching and brought to the county jail, adjacent to the court f house. A holiday was declared for all offices in the court house and no persons were permitted to enter except by special permission. The only activity in evidence was in the grand jury room and the circuit court room as members of the jury began to assemble. Opening of the grand jury session was delayed pending the arrival of Attorney General Thos. F. Knight from Montgomery, who was en route here to take charge of the investigation. Clark, who was wounded in the a left shoulder, left upper arm and right thigh, was not considered t seriously wounded and at the jail it, was said he was expected to be called before the grand jury. e Sheriff R. L. S. Hamblin said, however, the negro had made no statement, other than that he could not recognize any member of the lynching party as each was masked. The negro was wounded by a band of men who halted a group n of county deputies carrying Clark, Tom Pippen, 18, and A. H T. Harden, 16, to Birmingham for safe keeping, after reports were circulated a plot was under way Saturday night to storm the jail here. Pippen and Harden were killed. Meanwhile, the city was quiet and but for a few curiosity seek- ers who peered through the barbed wire entanglements set up by the guardsmen. there was little evidence of interest in the case. TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) – National guardsmen were mobilized here today to protect a wounded negro who escaped a lynching part which killed two others indicted with him in the in slaying of a white girl. d The negro, Elmore Clark, was found late yesterday in a shed at the home of a negro in Vance. Sheriff R. L. Shamblin, who had r been leading a search since the lynching Sunday, was notified of y his presence by the home owner S and a negro physician. Frighten- f ed and suffering from three o wounds in his thighs Clark told o the officers he was glad that e they had come, but other than to t state that the mob members were masked and he could recognize V none of them, the negro gave no ri details of his escape.