He Never Returned

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Atlanta Constitution
Place of publication: Atlanta, GA
Date of publication: 3/1/1894

The boy of Louis hendricks, the third negro who lost hs life in connection with the criminal assault made upon Mrs. Jesse Rucker, of Chilton County, and the subseuent murder of that lady, was found oday in a creek which flows through Rollin’s Switch, in Chilton. It will be remembered that the last heard of Hendricks was about a week ago, when a posse of citizens surrounded him in a swamp and fired several volleys at him. What had become of him-that they did not hear nor see anything of him after they shot. They stated, however, that it was probable he would not return to Jemison, his home. When his body was found in the creek today it was given out that he had fallen in and drowned, but the bullet holes in his body showed plainly what had caused him to stumble.


“He Never Returned.” The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, GA), March 01, 1894.