Hunt Goes On For Four More Negroes Who Made Escape

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Sumter County Journal
Place of publication: York, Alabama
Date of publication: 7/10/1930 0:00
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Hunt goes on for four more negroes who made escape
Death or two white men and four negroes results from dispute over matter of debt.
Call sent to York
Local men answer plea for help; Grover Boyd and Charles Marrs Victims of Robertson Negroes.
According to information received in York by phone from the sheriffs office in Livingston on Wednesday morning, four of the eight Negros sought in connection with the killing of two white men at Emelle. Last Friday, have been arrested in lodged in Kilby prison, and for others, of whom Tom Robertson is, the ringleader are still being hunted in determined fashion. The four negroes that have been arrested it was stated are: James Robertson, Emmanuel Robertson, J. W. Robertson, and Jacob Robertson.
One of the events on Thursday in connection with the Manhunt that has been under since July 4 was a call for help sent to York. Several carloads of York men answer the appeal understanding that four negroes had been surrounded in a swamp. They return to York, however, late Tuesday, reporting no success. Out of a mass of reports and rumors of all kinds received concerning the outbreak at Emelle does substantial facts are as follows: two prominent white men of the Emelle community, slain by Negros— these being Grover Boyd and Charles Marrd (the latter formally living about 6 miles north of York), and focut negroes being killed. One of these being Esau Robertson, who was lynched that evening, following the slaying of Grover Boyd, who had come to the rescue of his nephew, Clarence Boyd, who is being attacked by Tom Robertson, and his sons, as the result of a dispute over a debt.
One of the other negroes slain was John Robertson, brother of Tom, who resisted efforts of the citizen posse to search his home. Before being slain, this negro fired the shot that killed Mr. Marrd and also wounded Jim Ayers in the cheek. The mob then applied the torch to the Negroes home and continue the hunt for others of the Robertson negro gang.
Two other negroes were slain Sunday, one of Narchetta, Miss., after he had fired at possemen and wounded Clarence Bush, of Emelle, who it is said returned the fire, killing the negro who had resisted search. The other death was a negro hit by a bullet when the car in which she riding with other negroes had failed to halt, this occurring near the Alabama-Mississippi line.
Two men who stood high and esteem of their fellow citizens Megadeth last night, as a result of the fatal episodes occurring at Emelle, one of these being Grover Boyd, 36 and the other Charlie Marrs, around 50 years old.
Mr.Boyd’s funeral was held from the home Saturday afternoon Rev. Patton conducting the services. Cause in charge of arrangements, burial at the central Presbyterian cemetery and three children. He was loved, and respected, a good man an able farmer.
Mr.Marrs, the other victim, has many friends in York, and throughout the country. He was raised near Millville, north of York, and leaves a wife and seven children.
Mr.Boyd’s death came while he was coming to the rescue of his nephew Clarence Boyd, who was being attacked by the Robertson negroes. He was shot in the back.