In The Courts

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuscaloosa News
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Date of publication: 5/13/1926 0:00
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Circuit court meets in this city Monday. Hearings have been docketed for both Monday and Tuesday. Half of the first day will be devoted to the hearing of city appeal cases, and the remainder to state cases which include non-support, forgery, embezzlement, burglary, distilling and violations of the prohibition law.
The cases set for hearing Tuesday include that of Daniel Hays, charged with manslaughter in the first degree in connection with the killing of a negro at Fleetwood recently. A dispute arose between Hays and the negro relative to the possession of a job at Fleetwood which the negro is said to have left a day or two before the dispute and shooting occurred. The wounded negro was brought to the Druid City hospital here where he died the day or two after the shooting.