John Durrett Clipping 2

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Tuskaloosa Weekly Times
Date of publication: 6/4/1902 0:00

The killing of John Durrett, a colored, here last Saturday afternoon by Officer James R Brown, caused a great deal of excitement. It is said that Officer Brown had a warrant for Durrett and when be attempted to arrest him, Durrett vigorously resisted, having a large walking stick in his one hand and an open knife in the other, making his way to Mr. Brown, remarking that he, Durrett, would not be arrested. Upon which, Mr Brown drew his revolver and demanded a surrender and prevailed with Durrett to “lay down his knife and stick.” This Durrett refused to do, and the officer shot him one time, the ball taking effect about two inches above the left nipple, causing instant death Coroner Fair was soon on the scene and made investigation and took charge of the dead man.