Killed by Bi-Chlordide : Two Negroes Lynched : They had Robbed and Burned a Grocery Staore in Alabama

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Daily American
Place of publication: Nashville, TN
Date of publication: 1892-02-13



Tong Fair’s Death attributed to That Treatment.

San Francisco, Feb. 12—The death of James G. Fair, Jr. is attributed by his doctors directly to bi-chloride of gold treatment. “Jimmie” Fair was among the first to try it. He declared that it had effected a cure, but his friends notice his listlessness. The doctors say strychnine, which caters so largely into the bi-chloride treatment, affected his heart. Similar cases have occurred here. The dead boy’s father is the wealthiest man in San Francisco, being probably worth $20,000,000. This fortune in great part would in the nature course of events, have fallen to Jimmie fair but for his drinking habits and bi-chloride of gold.


Some Red. Bot Speeches Are Said to Have Been Made.

Chattanooga, Feb. 12—Perhaps the most remarkable celebration of Lincoln’s birthday in the country occurred at Coal Creek, in the mountains of Tennessee, where a garrison of guards is standing between free and convict miners. A large crowd was in attendance and red-bot speeches were made by the labor leaders. One of them Ingraham, said: “the eyes of the world are upon you and if a citizen of Coal Creek looses his life in the struggle the Army of the Tennessee will be exterminated.”




They Had Robbed and Burned a Grocery Store in Alabama.

Birmingham, Ala,;Feb. 12. – Last Monday at Romulus, Tuscaloosa County, two Negros broke open D. S. Robertson’s store, robbed it and burned it to the ground. They were arrested, and on their way to Tuscaloosa a body of masked and armed men took the Negros from the guards and swing them to the nearest tree. The bodies were left hanging until yesterday.



1892. Feb. 13. Two Negroes Lynched. Daily American. pp. 6.