Killed For Wife Beating–A Brutal Murder

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Our Mountain Home
Place of publication: Talladega, AL
Date of publication: Apr 4, 1888 12:00 am
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Killed for Wife Beating-A Brutal Murder. TUSKALOOSA, March 30.-This morning in the suburbs of North Port, just across the river from Tuskaloosa, Alex Holtzclaw, a negro, began whipping his wife when his step-son, Prince Stevens, told him to stop. Alex then turned on Prince and the latter, having an axe in his hand, struck his step- father in the head, killing him al- most instantly. Yesterday evening three drunken white men boarded a Lake Lorraine street car and became so boisterous, the driver put them off. Later the same crowd met two negro boys, Isreal and Josiah Green, about two miles out of town and one of the party, Ed. Thompson, opened fire with a pistol upon the boys, desperately wounding both of them. Tonight it is reported that both of the negroes will die. Thompson is thought to have made good his escape.