Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Southern Democrat
Place of publication: Oneonta, Alabama
Date of publication: August 15, 1929
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On motion of J. W. Braswell, Assistant Attorney General, the murder charges against John Wade Byron Hurst, Enoch Evans ana Joe Harris were nol pressed in the Circuit Court Tuesday. These men were indicted by the Grand Jury about a year ago and were charged with the murder of Lillie Cobb, a negro woman, who was shot and killed when it is alleged a band of masked men attempted to enter the home of the negro on April 25, 1926. Emery Cobb, the husband of the negro woman, is alleged to have fired into the masked men when they attempted to enter his home. They returned the fire and the negro woman was shot. Edgar Moses was carried to a Birmingham hospital with an injured hand on the night of the shooting. The Grand Jury indicted him for the killing of the negro woman, but a petit jury promptly acquitted him in a trial last September. Emery Cobb was out of the State at the time. He is still out and refuses to return. He was a material witness without which the State could not travel either in that case or the four cases just dismissed. So by dismissing these cases the county is saved the expense of the trials which were almost sure to result in acquittals. The action of the Court in nol pressing these cases, it is believed will meet the approval of the people of the county.


“Klan Cases Dismissed,” The Southern Democrat (Oneonta, Alabama) Aug. 15, 1929.