Ku Klux Released

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Southern Democrat
Place of publication: Oneonta, Alabama
Date of publication: February 9, 1928
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Members of the Ku Klux Klan who have been in the county jail since last August were released last Friday, having completed their sentence of six months in jail and having paid a fine of $500.00 each for their part in the Jeff Calloway flogging. There were four of these men Pete Carlisle, Amos Covington, Chester Clayton and Clifton Clayton. They were indicted along with Lee Clayton, Eugene Doss, Dr. L. S. Finnell and others for kidnapping and flogging of Jeff Calloway. Clayton and Doss were convicted and given sentences of from eight to ten years, and five of the other defendants entered pleas of guilty of “white capping” and were fined $500.00 each and given a sentence of six months in jail. The jail sentence of Dr. Finnell was suspended. Clayton and Doss took an appeal and their cases are now pending in the Supreme Court. All the parties indicted lived in Jefferson county and the young man who was kidnapped lived in Etowah but was kidnapped in Blount. The flogging took place in Jefferson. The case created quite a sensation at the time and Blount county got some very unfavorable publicity out of it.


“Ku Klux Released,” The Southern Democrat (Oneonta, Alabama) Feb. 9, 1928.