Lynch Law

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Seattle Post Intelligencer
Place of publication: Seattle, Washington
Date of publication: 1893

On the 14th inst. Paul Archer, Will Archer, Polk Hill, Ed Guyton and Ellen Fant, all negroes, were shot to death in their cells in Carrollton, Ala., by a mob of masked men. The gin and cotton house of J.E. Woods had been burned. The negroes had been arrested on suspicion, and were put in the Carrollton jail. The preliminary trial and investigation was in progress, but had not been concluded. This is the second lynching that Pickens county has had recently. Joe Floyd, a negro, was hanged by a mob a few days ago for the murder of a white farmer.


1893 September 25. Lynch Law. The Seattle Post Intelligencer. P. #4