“Lynched” Negro Found Alive Part 1

Source Type: Other
Publisher: The Okfuskee County News
Place of publication: Okemah, Oklahoma
Date of publication: 8/17/1933 0:00

TUSCALOOSA, Ala., Aug. 16 (U.P) A company of the Alabama na- tional guard surrounded the coun- ty jall to protect the Negro victim of a bungled lynching. Threats were circulated that a mob would storm the jail. The Negro was Elmore Clark, 28. who was taken from the sher- iff Saturday night with Dan Pip- pen. Jr., 18, and A. T. Harden, 16, also Negroes. The bodies of Pippen and Harden were found riddled with bullets in a roadside ditch early Sunday. Clark was found in’a shanty last night. He was in a serious condition from two bullet wounds. Authorities believed the mob left him beside Pippen and Harden thinking he was dead and that he freed himself from a handeuff and crawled to the shanty. The Tuscaloosa company of the national guard was ordered mo- bilized by Gov. B. M. Miller at the request of County Judge H. B. Foster. The three Negroes were charged