Mississippi Bailiff Is Slain By Negro

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Hattiesburg News
Place of publication: Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Date of publication: 1916-07-05

In resisting arrest on a warrant charging cruelty to animals, Sam Meek, a negro, shot and fatally wounded Bailiff Ed Upton of Beat 5, in the negro’s home in the Oketoc vicinity, 12 miles from here, Saturday night. Upton was searching for the negro, while a man named Beldsoe, who swore out the warrant covered him, when the negro fired. Upton died in a short time.

Efforts to find the negro have failed. He is said to have passed through Crawford in a buggy with his wife and brother, well armed. Officials of adjoining counties have been asked to join the search. Upton was 34 years old, single and is survived by his father and mother.


July 5, 1916; The Hattiesburg News, pp.2