Mistrial in Will Ptomey’s Case

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Evergreen Courant
Place of publication: Evergreen, Alabama
Date of publication: 5/24/1905 0:00

Information from Camden, Wilcox county, is to the effect that the jury in the case of the negro Will Ptomey, charged with assault with intent to murder Prof. Claude Hardy, were unable to agree and a mistrial resulted. It is said that eleven of the jurors were for conviction and the mistrial was occasioned by not getting the one lone man to change his opinion. It will be recalled that Ptomey after shooting Professor Hardy was a much wanted man and that there were many reports that he would be lynched if caught. Posses searched for him far and near but the negro escaped and went to Texas, where he was apprehended. One night while a posse was hunting for the negro one of the members of the same was shot down through mistake and killed. Considerable feeling existed in the section where the shooting occurred at the time, and it has not altogether died down.