Mr. Stallworth, Released on Neminal Bond for the Killing of John Thomas

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuskaloosa Gazette
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Date of publication: Aug 31, 1899 12:00 am
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MR STALLWORTH Released On Neminal bond for the Killing of John Thomas.

A formal preliminary trial was held in Justice Carson’ court yesterday morning, the result being that Mr. C. W. Stallworth, who on Wednesday morning shot down the negro who assaulted his wife, had a bond fixed at a nominal sum $250.00. This will probably be the last of the matter. The identity of the negro killed with the one who assaulted Mrs. Stallworth was firmly established, and the facts of the assault and the killing made matter of record. Mrs. Stallworth came up on the early train yesterday morning accompanied by relatives and friends amongst whom are some of the most prominent citizens of Sumter County. The gentlemen who came up were Messers R. H Seymour, W. E McGowen, Thos Clay, and J.J Andrews. Mrs. Stallworth related the facts of the assault substantially as stated before. Mr. Stallworth, who conducts a large lumber mill some miles from Cuba, was at Eutaw on business j the night in question This negro, I John Thomas, Was one of his hands and worked about the house, cooking and the like. He was well known to Mrs. Stallworth and others about the place. The night of the assault, Mrs. Stallworth was awakened about one o’clock by the negro taking hold of her. Her screams brought “Mr. J J Andrews who was sleeping in the house to the scene and the negro made his escape. The moon was shining brightly and Mrs. Stallworth recognized the negro easily. A posse was organized and several days’ search was made but Thomas got away. The posse came near to him once and shot him. Mr. Stallworth was so disturbed and worried by the affair that he gave up everything and for three weeks has been in search of the negro. He was found by his note to the station agent at Cuba asking under assumed name for his handle bars to be sent here. This note was shown to Mr. Stallworth who came on here at once. What happened is already known. When shown the dead body yesterday Mrs. Stallworth instantly recognized Thomas is her assailant. He was identified by the other witnesses also. Mr. and Mrs. Stallworth are both representatives of the best Sumter families an themselves widely esteemed . Mrs. Stallworth was a Miss Clay, whose connections are all prominent and influential people. She is a very charming and refined lady as her appearance and bearing throughout the trial yesterday evidenced. The hearing was a very brief affair, the result being as above stated. Capt. A. B Mc Eachin and Judge Wm G Cochrane were Stallworth’s attorneys in it.