Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Selma Times and Messenger
Place of publication: Selma, Alabama
Date of publication: May 5, 1868 11:50 pm
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Examined by the court- Witness heard Randolph say about the time of the shooting, “don’t strike tho white man any more;” heard Randolph say nothing after tho firing; there were four or five in the crowd [around Eddins] wi en the pistol was fired; all colored. ‘William Farish was called and sworn.
Direct Examination.-Witness knows Randolph and Eddins; saw them in a difficulty, on Saturday, the 28th of March last, in Tuscaloosa; heard and saw a pistol fired; it was fired by Randolph; Eddins struck Randolph twice ; Hollingsworth had a difficulty with some ,negroes near the store of Kirkman & Andrews; Randolph came across the street to where the fight was going on, walked in the crowd, and fired a pistol upwards; immediately after the firing, Eddins struck at Randolph with a. stick; Randolph caught the blow on his arm; Eddins struck Randolph twice and was in tho act of striking a third time, then they clinched, and Randolph cut Eddins just before Randolph came up, Eddius was flourishing a stick Eddins had his stick; by the little in both lands, and drawn- up over his |right shoulder in a threatening manner, as he approached Randolph the stick was an unusually large walking-stick; couldn’t say what kind of wood the stick was; saw Eddins when he fell; after Randolph but Eddins, the parties separated, going in opposite directions; Hollingsworth pursued Eddins with a stone weighing from two to four pounds in his hand, and struck him on the head, knocking him down’s on Foster’s corner; Hollingsworth struck Eddins a second time, on the back of his head, after Eddins fell, and drew a mal) knife and struck Eddins with lit several times ; couldn’t tell whether the knife but Eddins or not; Eddins walled 25 or 30 feet after lic was cut before lib fell; Randolph was distant, when Eddins fell, about 50 feet; Eddins walked from. near the store of Kirkman & Andrews to Foster’s corner before ho tell; think it is from 30 to 40 feet from K. & Ä.s store to Foster’s corner, [this witness evidently has Almost no idea of distance, REPORTER] the direction of Randolph’s pistol when he fired was such as to indicate that he did not fire dibs; the ball from Randolph³s pistol struck the wall about 12 foot from tho pavement. James Rhea, Jr. was called, and sworn.