Nathan Jackson, the Dead Man, Had Been Previously Arrested By the Officer for Fighting

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Age-Herald
Place of publication: Birmingham, AL
Date of publication: Oct 22, 0190 11:50 pm
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Nathan Jackson, the Dead Man, Had Been Previously Arrested By the Officer for Fighting.
Tuscaloosa, October 29. -(Special.)- Yesterday afternoon about 6 o’clock Deputy Sheriff Burton Hyche shot and instantly killed a negro school teacher named Nathan Jackson. The shooting occurred near the bridge that crosses the river between here and Northport. There were no eye witnesses to the tragedy and but meagre details have been given out. There were two shots fired It seems, one of them proving fatal. This one passed through the fleshy part of the left arm and entered the left side very near the heart. The other shot struck the negro’s thumb and did not penetrate through his clothing.
From what can be learned It seems that Hyche arrested the negro last Saturday for fighting, at which act the negro was considerably incensed. Yesterday afternoon the two were seen talking. A Little later as Deputy Hyche was on his way to Northport the negro overtook him immediately after which Hyche shot. After the first shot the negro ran and fell some 50 feet from the place where he was struck.
Hyche came back to the court house at once and reported the matter to the sheriff. Hyche is also game and fish warden for the county. The negro came here from Greene county and has been engaged In teaching near Northport for some time. His body was taken to Gardiner’s undertaking establishment, where it awaits the orders of his relatives.