National Guard is Called Out in Ala. to Prevent Lynching

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Kane Republican
Place of publication: Kane Pennsylvania
Date of publication: 8/15/1933 0:00

NATIONAL GUARD IS CALLED OUT IN ALA. TO PREVENT LYNCHING (United Press) TUSCALOOSA, Ala., Aug. 15. – A company of the Alabama National Guard surrounded the county jail to- day to protect the negro victim of a bungled lynching. Threats were eir- culated that a mob would storm the jail. The negro was Elmore Clark, 28, who was taken from the sheriff Sat- urday night with Dan Pippen, Jr., 18, and A. T. Harden, 16, also negroes. The bodies of Pippen and Harden were found riddled with bullets in a roadside ditch early Sunday. Clark was found in a shanty last night. He was in a serious condition from two bullet wounds. Authorities believed the mob had left him beside Pippen and Harden thinking he was dead and that he freed himself from a handcuff and crawled to the shan- ty. The Tuscaloosa company of the na- tional guard was ordered mobilized by Governor B. M. Miller at the request of County Judge H. B. Foster. The three negroes were charged with the murder of Vaudine Maddox, 18, white. When they were arraigned, attorneys for the international labor —