Negro attempts to pull young woman from horse

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuscaloosa News
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa
Date of publication: 3/16/1919 0:00

NEGRO ATTEMPTS TO PULL: YOUNG WOMAN FROM HORSE Popular Girl of Parks’ Mill Neighborhood Escapes from villian and He Is Put to Death For the past. few days there has been a good deal of suppressed excitement in the Parks’ Mill neighborhood. three miles beyond Ralph The story has been kept quite, as the people of the neighborhood were trying to get their hands on a negro youth by the name of Cicero Cage, son of Sam Cage, who attempted an assault on one of the most prominent and popular young ladies of that neighborhood. She was riding along a road, some distance from any residence, when Cicero ran out from a clump of bushes and placed his hands on her before she could whip up her horse and get away. He made a dash and headed the horse off and made an- other attempt to pall her from the animal, when she succeeded in whip- ping up the animal and made good her escape. She knew the negro and reported the matter and a watch has been kept for Cicero, the outraged men of the neighborhood swearing venfeance if they could lay their hands on him: A pretty well authenticated rumor reach the city Saturday that on ac- count of the matter being kept so quiet Cicero thought there was no danger and came back to his old haunts, with the result that his dead body was found Friday morning, with his throat out and many stabs in different parts of his body. The matter has been kept so still that very few people at Ralph, only three miles from the scene, knew anything about the attempted assault or the death of the negro boy at the hands of parties unknown. Late Saturday afternoon Sam Cage, the father of Cicero, was in the city and confirmed the above rumor that his son had been killed. He says he was literally cut to pieces, He related the killing to Hon. Walter D. Seed, who knew Sam and so the story of the death of the negro is a fact, instead of being a rumor.