Negro Burglar Is Lynched In Alabama

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: News and Observer
Place of publication: Raleigh, North Caroline
Date of publication: 1916-01-26

Livingston, Ala., Jan 25.- Richard Burton, aged 18, a negro, was lynched last night by a mob 13 miles from Boyd Station, this county, and Lige Burton, his cousin, and Steve Knight, two other negroes, are in jail here charged with burglary.

A store operated by Miss Kate Peale near the scene of the lynching has been robbed five times recently. Last night her brother discovered three negroes in the act of robbing the store again and he succeeded in capturing on although the negro seriously cut him around the head, face and neck before being subdued. Miss Peale tied the negro while her brother held him. A neighbor started to Livingston with Burton, but was overtaken a mile  aways and the negro hanged to a limb of a tree. Buckshot and pistol balls were fired into the body and tree by the lynchers.