Negro Lynched Near Payneville

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Our Southern Home
Place of publication: Livingston, Alabama
Date of publication: 1916-01-26

On Monday night three negroes broke into Miss Kate Peel’s store near Payneville. They were discovered by Mr. J.W. Peel, a brother of Miss Peel. Two of the negroes escaped, while one attempted to hide in the corner of a fence. Mr. Peel went for a rope to tie him with. Mr. Peel, while holding Burton was severely cut by the negro, but held him until his sister brought the rope. He then tied the negro and turned him over to Mr. Clarence Dial, who had been called for assistance. Mr. Dial started with the negro to Livingston to turn him over to the sheriff. They were overtaken a mile from Payneville, and the negro was taken and hung to a tree. Before his death Burton gave the names of the other two negroes as Elijah Burton and Steve Knight. These two were found at York Tuesday and were arrested and brought to jail.