Negro Lynchers Poses as Officers

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Victoria Advocate
Place of publication: Victoria,TX
Date of publication: 9/25/1933 0:00
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Negro Lynchers Pose as Officers. Tuscaloosa AL Sept 25. Dennis Cross a negro under bond on charges preferred by a young white woman, was shot to death here early Sunday after being taken from his home by a group of men posing as officers. Sheriff R.L Shamblin who with police began an inquiry into the slaying said officers had found no clues to identify the slayers. The sheriff said he was told a group of men six or seven in number called at the negros home about 2 a.m. and telling him they were officers said he would have to go to the sheriffs office and make a bigger bond. The party then drove away. Neighbors of Cross called the sheriffs office and reported the occurrence. Sheriff Shamblin said officers were sent to the home for investigation but failed to find a trace of Cross until daylight when his body bearing three bullet wounds was found near the Tuscaloosa Country Club. The sheriff said that the offense with which the man was charged with bailable one that the woman had not been attacked.