Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Tuscaloosa Times-Gazette
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa
Date of publication: 10/29/1908 0:00
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NEGRO SHOT YESTERDAY BURTON HYCHE SHOOTS NEGRO NEAR RIVER BRIDGE YESTERDAY-NO CAUSE LEARNED. Yesterday evening about 6 o’clock Game Warden Barton T. Hyche, of this county, and deputy sheriff, shot and instantly killed Nathan M. Jackson, a colored school teacher. The shooting occurred down near the county bridge. Two shots were fired, only one of which proved fatal. The first one struck the negro in the left arm, passing through the fleshy part, and going directly into his body, passing near the heart. The second shot hit the man on the thumb, which was raised to his breast, the shot going thru the thumb and flattening itself against the negro’s body, his heavy clothes hindering the bullet from going into the body As to of the shooting, little could De It was impossible to see M. and no one around town was CO give any of the facts leading to the shooting. It was established, however, that Mr. Hyche was seen talking to the negro about 5:30, and the killing coming on so soon after the conversation, it is thought some word said at this time led to the shooting. Both Mr. Hyche and Jackson were going toward North- port at the time of the shooting, and Jackson caught up with Mr. Hyche, and it is thought that he made some remarks about the conversation he had just had with Mr. Hyche up in town. After the first shot the negro started to run, and fell about fifty feet from where he was struck. Another version of the affair is that Mr. Hyche arrested the negro Jackson last Saturday for fighting, and that this had made the negro very bitter against the deputy. After the shooting Mr. Hyche re- traced his steps to town, and reported at the sheriff’s office what he had done, and officers were dispatched to the scene of the shooting at once. Nathan M. Jackson was a school teacher, was from Greene county, and had been teaching in this section of the country for some time. He is a brother of a former pastor of Zion church. The body was taken to Gardiner’s undertaking establishment, where it lies waiting orders from the dead man’s relatives, who have been wired of the affair.