Negro’s Body Is Hanged To Limb Near Livingston

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Birmingham News
Place of publication: Birmingham, Alabama
Date of publication: 1916-01-26

Dick Burton, Charged With Attempt to Rob Store Is Lynched.

Livingston, Ala., Jan. 25.

Special- The dead body of Dick Burton, a negro, was today cut down from a limb near here, following the black’s sensational lynching last night by an angry mob. Burton was charged with attempting to rob a store operated by Miss Tiel (Peale) at Boyles (Boyd)Station, Ala., on the N., C. and St. L railway.

Several attempts have recently been made to rob the Tiel (Peale) store, according to reports made to local officers. Last night is is said , Miss Tiel (Peale) had asked her brother to come to the store and help her watch. Burton and two companions are alleged to have been seen about the premises and when the brother appeared, two of the negroes ran. Burton was caught by the white man. A struggle ensued, during, which Miss Tiel’s (Peale) brother was badly cut by Burton. The white man held on to his prisoner until his sister could tie him.

The neighbors were telephoned of the capture, and one of them, Clarence Dial, started to Livingston from Boyles (Boyd) station a crowd appeared in the road and ordered Dial to depart, which he did. The negro’s body was strung upon a limb.

There was no excitement in the community today.