POLICE HAUL GANG OF CROOKS: Negroes Who Have Committed Many Crimes Are Jailed

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Atlanta Constitution
Place of publication: Atlanta, GA
Date of publication: January 5, 1903

Negroes Who Have Committed Many Crimes Are Jailed.

Birmingham, Ala., January 4. –(Special)

Armed with Winchesters at a party of ten Birmingham policemen early this morning surrounded a house containing five negro desperadoes armed to the teeth with shotguns and pistols who were suspected of having committed all of the crimes during the past few weeks which consisted of about a score of highway robberies and three score or more burglaries.

They captured the negroes without bloodshed, and at the city jail they have been identified by at least a dozen people as the men who burglarized their houses. One man recovered a watch which the negroes had taken from him only twenty-four hours before.

The depredations of the gang have been among the boldest ever committed in a southern city, and the chapter of crime is without equal. Several times they attempted murder to carry out their ends. It is believed the entire gang was arrested and that the crimes will cease.

The negroes are all well known characters in police circles, and are known to be desperate enough to do anything. Their names are: John Ed Bryant, Robert Lee, Will Henderson, Abe Williams and Will Jones.

With them were two negro women who are charged with receiving stolen property. In Alabama highway robbery is a hanging offense, and it looks now as if all five of the negroes will swing.


(1903, January 5).Police Haul Gang Of Crooks. The Atlanta Constitution, pp.1