Race Rioters Declare Truce: Six are Killed in Disorders over Holiday Debt- MA

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Newark Advocate
Place of publication: Newark, OH
Date of publication: July 7, 1930

Rifles and pistols were sheathed today as this strife-torn village completed the burial of its dead- two white men and four negroes- slain in disorders arising from an Independence day debt dispute.

Four other negroes, each with a prize of $300 on his head, still were at large, but virtually all of several hundred possemen had given up a three-day manhunt, instituted after a negro family engaged in a gun fight over the payment for an automobile bat-tery.

The official rewards, Governor Bibb Graves said at Montgomery, “are not merely for negroes who killed white men” but “for the ar-rest of anyone, white or black, responsible at Emelle.”

An unidentified negro man and Viola Dial, a negro woman, were the last two killed. They were shot to death yesterday when the com-mands of white searchers were not obeyed. Previously Grover Boyd and Charlie Marrs, both white men, were killed and in turn a negro was lynched and another fatally shot. Both of the negroes were kinsmen to Tom Robinson, who with three sons, fled and has not been appre-hended.

The unidentified negro killed yes-terday, officials said, wounded Clar-ence Bush, a white man, upon being ordered to submit to a search.

On Independence day Tom Robert-son and his sons attacked Clarence Boyd after he had reclaimed an auto-mobile battery for which the negroes had failed to pay him.

Grover Boyd, an uncle of Clarence, ran to his aid and was fatally shot, by one of the negroes.

A crowd gathered, lynched Jacob Robertson, who had participated in the attack, fired the home of John Robertson, a relative, and shot him to death when he killed Charlie Marrs, a white posseman and wounded Jim Ayers, another white man.