Riddled With Bullets

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Atlanta Constituion
Place of publication: Atlanta, GA
Date of publication: 19 July 1884
      • BIRMINGHAM.  July 18. – [Special.]- The negro Andy Burke,who waylaid the thirteen year old daughter of a prominent citizen of Tuscaloosa, Ala., Tuesday while she was returning from school, and attempted rape, was found late last night two miles from Tuscaloosa, in a cabin, with the doors and windows barricaded, and provisions enough to last several days. The posse carried him before the little girl. She identified him, he then confessed the crime, was put in the guardhouse and just before day he was taken out by a mob and swung to a tree in front of the Presbyterian church. While in the death throes the mob riddled him with bullets.

Riddled With Bullets. (1884, July 19). Atlanta Constitution.