Shooting At Woodstock

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a. n.a. n.a.
Publisher: The Tuskaloosa Gazette
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa
Date of publication: Apr 27, 1899 12:00 am
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SHOOTING AT WOODSTOCK. At Woodstock there is much excitement over the killing of John Herring, one of the prominent merchants of the place, and the serious shooting of Taylor Collins, a negro said to be a worthless sort of fellow, at that place this morning. It is said that a riot almost occurred and the negro is likely to be lynched before night. It seems that John Herring and his brother, Pink Herring, went to Collins’ house, which belongs to the Herring brothers, and a fuss started over the negro attempting to move out his things for the purpose, so alleged, of getting off without paying his rent.