Shot Him

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Birmingham News
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Date of publication: Jul 10, 1891 12:00 am

A SHOT HIM. la . a tl A Negro Pays Dear For the d Seduction of a White d g Girl. I d Special to the Daily News: o TUSCALOOSA, ALA., July 10.-Nows a has just reached here that on last Mon- h fi day night Wash Bell, a negro man about h twenty-four years of age, was shot and i killed by unknown parties at Trigg’s S store, in Dodson’s beat. At the time of the killing Bell was in charge of officers c of the law, having been arrested on e Monday evening by Officer Cunningham on a charge of wife-beating. The pris- r oner hari been taken to Trigg’s store, 1 where his trial was to have taken place h next morning. S Officers Chaningham and Joe Barnett t took him into Trigg’s store for the d night, and all had gone to bed, on pal- lets spread upon the floor. About 12 N o’clock at night the door was forced a open and several armed men rushed in B and shot the negro to death and disap- W peared before they could be recognized. The negro Bell, it seems, had seduced a white girl in the community, and it – is supposed that for said outrage in- dignant citizeus removed him in short C order.