STORE BLOWN UP ~ Dynamite Destroys D. S. Robertson’s Store in Tuskaloosa County. An Arrest.

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: N/A N/A N/A
Publisher: The Birmingham News
Place of publication: Birmingham, Alabama
Date of publication: Feb 11, 1892 12:00 am
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STORE BLOWN UP. Dynamite Destroys D. S. Robertson’s Store in Tus- kaloosa County. An Arrest. Spectal to the Daily News: TUSKALOOBN, ALA., Feb. 1f-News reached this eity yesterday of the burn- idg of the store of D. S. Robertson at Sylvan, last Monday night. From all indications the store was blown up with dynamite as a terrible explosion was heard in the neighborhoed about the time the fire was discovered, and parts of the buildiug were blown a great dis- tance. The store house was a complete wreck, ann its contents all destroyed. It is not known whether or not there was any in- surance. It is supposed to have been the work of incendiaries, and one negro John Jackson by name, has been ar- rested on suspicion. Another negro, Jack Wilkes, and still another, name un- known, are also suspeeted as guilty par- ties. The loss is not known.