Third Victim Tuscaloosa Mob Shows Up Wounded

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Advertiser- Gleam
Place of publication: Gunterville, Alabama
Date of publication: 8/16/1933 0:00
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Tuscaloosa, Ala., Aug. 14- With bullet wounds in his hip and legs, Elmore Clark, missing member of the Negro trio taken by a mob Saturday night and brought to jail here. National guardsmen were hastily mobilized here Monday night to guard the jail. Clark, who with Dan Pippen Jr., 18, and A.T. Harden, 16, was taken from deputie sheriffs removing him to Birmingham for safekeeping had been the object of an intensive search since early Sunday. He was found later Monday with bullet wounds in the hip and leg and Judge Henry B. Foster immediately appealed to Gov. Miller for troops to surround the Tuscaloosa County Jail where the Negro was taken to prevent further violence toward him. Gov. Miller, in Montgomery, immediately issued an order for mobilization of the troops and the local company of national guards assembled.