Tuscaloosa Gangs Lynch Third Negro

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Wyandotte Echo
Place of publication: Kansas City, Kansas
Date of publication: 10/13/1933 0:00
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I.L.D. Renews Demand for Punishment Officers who Murdered Pippen and Harden. Tuscaloosa, Ala, Sept. 25- Gunmen took Dennis Cross, Negro, from his home at two o’clock Sunday morning, to the grounds of the exclusive Tuscaloosa Country club, and shot hi dead. Cross, Sheriff R.L. Shamblin said, was under bond on charges preferred by a white woman. He refused to say what the nature of the charge was, except that it was not assault. Although formal charges of murder have been laid against the five officials implicated directly in the lynching of Pippen and Harden by the International Labor Defense, no action has been taken against them, and the grand jury “investigating” the lynching has recessed indefinitely. Government Takes Cognizance- The demand was made in wires to U. S. Attorney-General Homer S Cummings, President Roosevelt, and Governor B.M. Miller of Alabama, and Attorney general Thomas E. Knight of Alabama. The I.L.D has charged three deputy sheriffs of Tuscaloosa with shooting the Negroes while in their charge, and Judge Henry B. Foster and Sheriff Chamblin with arranging and directing the lynching of Dan Pippen Jr. and A. T. Harden. These charges were filed two weeks ago with the recipients of today’s wires, and with the special grand jury called to investigate the lynching. The federal government has been forced to take cognizance of the I.LD. charges filed with the U.S. Attorney-general.