Two Guilty, but Three Lynched

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Boston Globe
Place of publication: Boston, MA
Date of publication: 2/21/1894

Alabama Citizens Take Swift Vengeance on Negroes Suspected of Assaulting a Young Bride. Birmingham, Ala, Feb 20 Information was received here tonight that Louis Hendricks, a large black negro, had been shot to death by a mob in Chilton county for the alleged criminal assault and subsequent murder of Mrs Jesse Rucker, near Chilton, last Friday. He is the third negro who has been lynched for the same crime. Mrs Rucker was the 17-year-old bride of a prominent farmer. Last Thursday she was assaulted and murdered by two negroes. A man known only as George was arrested, and confessed to the crime, implicating Abe Seddon, another negro. George was hanged on the scene of the crime. Abe tried to escape, but was caught and strung up. As George’s confession only implicated one other negro, it Is not known here how the three victims could all be guilty of the crime.


“Two Guilty, but Three Lynched.” The Boston Globe (Boston, MA), February 21, 1894.