Two More Die in Race Riots: Blacks Hiding

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Anniston Star
Place of publication: Anniston, Alabama
Date of publication: 6/7/1930 0:00
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Two more die in race riots; blacks hiding
Negro man and women killed by posses at Emelle; brings total to six
$300 reward offered by governor graves
Colored settlement deserted as frightened families flee to cover
Emelle, Ala., July 7— armed posses, urged on by an offer Governor Bibb Graves of $300 reward, search the countryside today for three negroes, members of a family, who is shooting of a white man on the afternoon of July for started the first race riot. Alabama has seen in the last four years, and which so far resulted in the death of five men and one woman. The small negro settlement of West Bessemer, a few miles from where was deserted. Frightened negroes had left their cabins and camps under trees at the home of friendly whites.
Refused to halt.
Two Negros were killed yesterday by posses when they disobeyed orders to halt for identification. The wife of Jesse Dial, Negros was shot when her husband refuses to stop there automobile at the posses command. Her husband fled when the posse opened fire. An and identified Negro, standing in the doorway of the mobile and Ohio railroad station, fired at the posse, when did one of them. It was killed in the exchange of shots. The man killed previously were Grover Boyd, and Charles Marrs white men, and John and Earl Robinson, Negroes. The trouble started when Earl Robinson, who had asked for Clarence Boyd, white store keeper to pay for an automobile battery, appeared at the Boyd store, heavily armed, with other members of the Robinson family. An exchange of shots, Grover boy, uncle of Clarence was killed. Aroused town people captured Esau and lynched him the next day. Bloodhounds lead the past amen to the Robinson cabin, where another battle occurred, in which Charles Marrs a member of the posse, and John Robinson, negro was killed. Severely were wounded, in the posse finally burned down the cabin.
Graves will prove affair.
Emelle, Ala., July 7. Rifles and pistols were seized today as the strife, torn village completed the burial of its dead for Whiteman, and for Negroes, slain in disorder, arising from an Independence Day dead dispute. three other negroes, each with the price of $300 on his head, still, we’re at large after three days manhunt instituted after a negro family engaged in a gun fight with a white family over the sale of an automobile battery. Official rewards, which have been posted for the negro fugitives, gov, Bibb graves said at Montgomery, “ or not merely for negroes who killed white men” , but would be paid ” for the arrest and conviction of anybody, white or black, responsible at a Emelle.” “ I am going to the bottom of this thing and anybody implicated is going to be prosecuted,” he asserted.
Two seen in Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa, Ala., July 7, Tom and Ollie Robinson, two of the negroes wanted for murder in connection with the slaying of Grover C. Boyd Friday at Emelle, Ala., during the race riots there in which six persons lost their lives, are believed to have been in Tuscaloosa that night. the two negroes visited their sister here and left for Birmingham. It is understood. the negro women admitted haven’t seen them here yesterday. The two negroes brought food from grocer here, and his description of them tallied exactly.