Two Negroes Lynched Wanton Murder of Boy and Brutal Assault on Woman Quickly Avenged

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Intelligencer Journal
Place of publication: Lancaster, PA
Date of publication: 4/6/1908

Walter Clayton, a negro, who was serving time at the stockade of the Hand Lumber Company near Mobile, Ala, for manslaughter, late Saturday afternoon assaulted Mrs. Joseph White, aged 20 years, and was lynched by a mob of 75 men, outside the limits of Bay Minette, Ala., Saturday night.

The assault occured at the woman’s home, six miles below Loxley. Clayton entered the house, it is said, and choked Mrs. White into submission. The negro returned to the convict camp, where he was arrested late Saturday night He told the officers not to take him back to the scene of his crime as he admitted it, and it was not necessary to have him identified.

The officers hurried him to Bay Minette, county seat of Baldwin county. As they approached the jail 75 men came from behind a fence and took charge of the negro, dragging him and a deputy seventy-five yards before it was discovered the men were handcuffed together. The deputy was then released and the negro carried away. The negro’s body has not yet been found.


“Two Negroes Lynched; Wanton Murder of Boy and Brutal Assault on Woman Quickly Avenged.” Intelligencer Journal (Lancaster, PA), April 6, 1908.