Two Negroes Were Strung Up

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Selma Times
Place of publication: Selma, AL
Date of publication: 10/7/1906

WERE STRONG UP They Were Taken From the Sheriff at a Point Between Mobile and Mt. Vernon and Were Put to Death so The Wires to The City 1 ‘, Stated Yesterday. -NEWS MS HARI TO SET. The midnight train over the Southern Railway from Birming ham to Mobile and which passed here yesterday morning at about 5 o’clock had on it as passengers Sheriff John F. Powers, or MubLe – county, Deputy Sheriff Charles Green, City Editor C. J. Flournoy, of the Mobile’Item, and the two ne gro rapist, Will Thompson and Cor nelius Robinson of Mobile who were rushed to Birmingham’ for &ale keeping – when mobs tried to- get them from the jail in Mobile to peal out to them punishment for the horrible mimes which they had perpetrated npon young white girls of that city. The train for Mobile OW r the Southern was due here at 2 oictock yesterday morning but it was three hours late and did not reach here until 5 o’clock. Soon afterwards it pniled out for Mobile with the sheriff’s party and the prisoners At Fultpn yesterday morning the south bound train passed another :tnin f1:9nA Mobile and which reach, herikyesteeity- tnorning-Shortly – after 1.1 o’clock. Engineer Peter Riser of the horth bound passenger 1 train informed The Times that on the train coming to this city there were about a hundred men who were heavily armed. They left the Gulf City evidently for the purpose of boarding ti e down traih and to take the priso ners from the sheriff. About sixty of thesa armed men left the train at Mt. Vernon and about twenty-five more left it at Creola, – When the trams passed Fulton, Edgineer Riser said that the Sheriff and his party and the two prisoners were still on the train. Both, of the prisoners were securely handcuffed sad appeared vary uneasy. Nothing further was heard from the party titter the two trains passed but it Was believed here all yesterday that when the train pessed the station where these armed men wee waiting that they got on the , train and took tile prisoners from the sheriff tind later hung them to 1 1 some convenient tree. THE NEGROES WERE LYNCHED. ,The Times wired the Mobile Hereld at 3 o’clock yesterday to send us D8WS about the fineaing, but up to the time that the telegraph office closed last night could not get an answer. A wire, personal, was sent to Senator – Max Hamburger but he did not reply, for some na. son. A wire oame over the railroad wires, however, saying that a hundred and fifty men took the nezroes – from Sheriff Powers about twelve miles beyond Mt. Vernon and hang them. Another report says that they were burned, bu6 the report that were hanged was more likely to be correct.


“Two Negroes Were Strung Up.” The Selma Times (Selma, AL), October 07, 1906.