Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Lebanon Daily News
Place of publication: Lebanon, PA
Date of publication: 7/9/1892

DAY BEFORE yesterday was another great harvest for savage and brutal Judge Lynch down South. In Vicksburg two negroes were dragged from the court house and hanged, not a single person raising a hand in defense of the helpless and untried men. Another in Clay county, Alabama, “went the usual way,” the press dispatch stated, while in Jasper, Alabama, 200 men and dogs pursued an untried and unconvicted negro through the streets until he fell to the ground riddled with bullets. The killing of two others in other places swelled the number to six in one day, a good day’s work in “nigger” killing, many no doubt will say. But what will the after results of this lawlessness be? We fear this is sowing to the wind, and some day there will be a reaping of the whirlwind.


“Untitled.” Lebanon Daily News (Lebanon, PA), July 09, 1892.