Vengeance of Savages

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Milwaukee Journal
Place of publication: Milwaukee
Date of publication: Aug 1, 1884 12:00 am
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VENGEANCE OF SAVAGES. A Negro Rapist Put to Death by Slow Torture at the Hands of a Mob. ANNISTON, Ala., Aug. 1.-[Special]- Tuesday morning a 13-year-old girl living in the outskirts went into the town to take a music lesson. On her return she met Andy Burke, a negro, who seized her and ran into the woods with her. A. gentleman riding by hearing screams followed. When Burke saw him he released the girl and fled. Parties of searchers found the fugitive yesterday, and the girl identified him. He was taken by a mob and hung. It is charged that the negro was first mutilated and then scalped. By this time the crowd was in the mood of torturing and he was partially disemboweled. The wretch begged for the final act which would put him out of pain. When satiated with revenge the crowd strung Burke up, and all who had revolvers fired bullets into his body. The governor will inquire into the truth of these rumors.